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Shipping Law Dissertation Help

Shipping law is the legitimate practice of different naval areas such as shipping and anything that is conducted on the open waters. That's the reason that it does not only cover the business that happens to be on the sea but alsooffences that happen against international law.

Shipping Law Dissertation Help

Legislative Framework

England and Wales have the common law jurisdiction that works under the common legal frameworks to foresee the rules and jurisdiction matters. Shipping law has some historical developments to see some primarily decided cases.

However, some main decrees need understanding. The Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (MSA), it combines previous acts dating from 1894, and it is a significant piece of broad legislature in this field and various acts have been amended under it.

After the end of December 2020, United Kingdom is no more part of the EU legislation and it is now part of domestic legislation, also called "retained EU legislation". It is under the control of the UK` legislative assembly (parliament) and other assemblies.

Shipping Law Dissertation Writing

Forums and Jurisdictions


The hearings of shipping disputes are carried out in Commercial Court or Admiralty Court andit depends on the nature of the claim. These are very special courts that hear certain issues related to shipping disputes where very professional commercial and maritime judges are present.All proceedings in Commercial and Admiralty Courts are further governed by the procedural rule of actscarried in English Civil Procedural Rules (CPR).


The disputes in maritime are settled down through London arbitration and most of the arbitrations of international shipping are dealt in London. To make a dispute an arbitration, it is necessary to agree. It is then looked after the points of disagreement that caused a dispute between the parties. London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) is the association governing arbitrators.

Shipping Contracts


English and Wales are the main jurisdictions in respect to governing the jurisdiction choice for the parties entering into the shipbuilding contracts.The UK has a history of making shipbuilding contracts but after the closure of many yards during the 70s and 80s, it has witnessed a gradual downfall.

Contracts of Carriage

The Hague Visby Rules are combined in the English act by the carriage of goods by Sea Act 1971 are the appropriate rules in this jurisdiction. These rules are applicable as lading bills when the shipment is in England or Wales or when issuance of bills happens there.

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Shipping law encompasses the legal practice of several areas like shipping disputes, naval and shipping activities. It also includes different shipping conventions through which two parties are agreed upon the business under the jurisdiction.So the jurisdictions could resolve in case the dispute occurs.

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Shipping Law Dissertation Writing Services

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