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Free Law Essay

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Religious Movement


Over the different phases of history there have been various personalities and people who have roused above the rest in order to make a difference in which the society

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Victim Personal Statement

Victim personal statement is a written or oral statement of the victim of a crime or civil violation of describing how the incident them, his life, his work

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Common Law And Equity

Introduction :

During the 12th and 13th century, a survey was conducted on tradition, custom and law under the common law system of England. This survey originally developed

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Evaluating Company’s Constitution And Statuary Contract


The company’s constitution and the statuary contract are devised by the Memorandum of Association and the Article of Association for the concordance and creation of

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Equity And Trust


Quentin is a wealthy businessman. He is conscious, as he approaches his eighties, that he may be in his twilight years and that he has not yet made

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Land Law


The legal implication ascertain to the transfer of property rights and registration of land demands for adherence to the statute land laws in order to establish boundaries and legal

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Manchester Football Dreams Ltd

Introduction :

Five conquering football players namely Louis, Tommy, Alex, Ron and Matt set up a footballs company after being successfully retired from their careers. The main focus

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Physical Injury And Employee Compensation


The compensation to employees under the English law enables the claimant to attain social security benefit and duty of care for recovery, against the employer’s liability

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Proprietary Estoppel

Introduction :

The evolution of property law in England and Wales is one of the best reflections of legal developments that trace their roots from the socio-political feudalism, which was

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