A system of rules and regulations that operate and function between the member states of the European Union could be referred to as EU or European Union law. The laws were formulated after World War II, which originated from the coal and steel community, with the aim of promoting peace in the region and ensuring the well being of the people living in it.

A common commercial policy was required for economic cooperation between these nations which gave rise to the requirement of laws that could help them achieve economic growth, ensure fair competition and promote trade.

The formulated laws also ensured the achievement of social objectives such as ensuring peace, liberty and solidarity among the member states. The four basic factors of productions were liberalized and a common market was established through these.

These regulate multiple institutions and policies that ensure the human development of the people living in the nation-states, the legal foundations of which are laid upon the Treaty of European Union and Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union which are agreed by the governments of the member states.

The competence for the EU to take actions and give directives are derived from these treaties which define the limitations of authority of institutions functioning in it. These treaties also mandate the laws which give the Court of Justice of the European Union the power to ensure that the EU law is applied in the member states and legal disputes between government and institutions are settled. A number of general principles governing the EU law are derived through the decisions made by the CJEU.

EU majorly deals with matters related to trading, economics and society which primarily aims to achieve economic growth, full employment and social progress, and eliminate discrimination. It has continued to expand since its formation with many members that have joined recently while there are others who are willing to join. This is due to the growth member nations were able to achieve through ensuring peace and prosperity.

For a new country to join the EU, it has to comply with EU laws which includes treaties, regulations and directives of the institutions in the EU as well as the judgments made by CJEU. For an existing country to exit the union, it is required to give notice to the council which would then negotiate with the country on behalf of the EU with the consent of the European Parliament.

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