Who invented the Law & why it was a need

Law has been in existence since ancient times, it is a set of rules that set bound, procedures, and behaviors, under which all citizens in a society are bound to follow to maintain law and order as well as ensure public welfare. The history of law dates back to the development of civilization during ancient times, the ancient Egyptians go far back to 3000 BC based on the concept of ma'at which was based on rhetorical speech, social equality, and impartiality.

The old testament law in ancient Athens was the first citizenry law that dates back to 1280 BC, which the excluded women and the slave class and was mainly based on the divine law, human decree, and customs.

Moreover, over time Greek philosophers developed citizenry law's based on social structures and were modernized according to the social issues that arise over time. In the 11th century, it was rediscovered and incorporated into canon law or also known as common law incorporated into many societies as of today.

Furthermore, later on, merchant law in Europe became very popular, because of its commercial laws as well as contract laws under which business and other agreements were mutually agreed upon, this give birth to civil law. In the 18th and 19th as nationalism grew in Europe common and civil became the foundational base for the country's laws and constitutions. Here are some reasons why is the law important and needed in a society.

1. The Law Sets Standards For Society:

Laws are mainly set on ethical and moral grounds, therefore, laws are created for the better interest of the public, and to ensure law and order in the society. To avoid crimes like theft or murder punishments are set according to the law set by the higher legal authorities to avoid such acts, as well as other laws do not prohibit certain things but certain rules are set to ensure public welfare, such as alcohol is legal in almost all European countries with the exception that drunk driving is considered as a crime for public safety.

2. The Law Promotes Equality:

Under the law, all citizens are considered equal and bounded to follow and abide by the law. The promotes equality between people of different classes, religious sects, or with different religious backgrounds, and races. This ensures law and order as well as gives equal opportunity for every citizen to excel and live with freedom in a society or country. For crimes committed under the law equal level punishment is set according to the degree of the crime, in some cases, the courts also act as the mediator to resolve issues that can become a potential conflict in the future.

3. The Law Keeps Everyone Safe:

Apart from criminal laws such as laws for theft, murder, or conspiracy, the law is has become more diverse and modernized according to the new societal issues over time. This includes laws and legislations such as the consumer rights to avoid consumers from being exploited, labor laws to ensure the rights of workers are met. Moreover, laws are introduced to avoid racial abuse or discrimination as well as for people belonging to religious minorities, ensuring that they are equally treated and have the freedom that every individual has under the law.

4. Law Creates Civil and Political Cooperation:

As time changes, it brings in new trends and social issues in the society according to which new laws and regulations should be introduced to protect and safeguards society's interests and well-being. Through our experience in this cyber age, intellectual property theft and cyber revenge crimes have increased over time. Therefore, considering law and protecting the right to claim personal property, and right to privacy are acknowledged through Intellectual Property Act 2014 and Computer Misuse Act 1990. This promotes civil and political cooperation, and ensures civil cooperation in future events, and maintains public law and order.

5. Law Plays An Important Part In Social Progress:

Law such as labor law, intellectual property law, and contract law, play a vital role in society's progress towards development and economic growth. Protecting the rights of labor's encourages job security and proper wages which improves standards of living, also intellectual property laws all firms and business to optimize their sales through creating a unique brand or product. Moreover, contract law promotes business cooperation and encourages operations allows growth as well as new employment opportunities.


Through the passage of time, the law has played an important role in creating a social structure that protects the interest of the general public, and the interests of the country. Modernizing with time has lead to social progress, has encouraged trends that have improved standard of living as well as improved civil prosperity.