How to write better for Law

Your instructor has asked you to write a law essay that evaluates the constitutionality of new legislation. In evaluating the legislation your may ask to refer to a particular journal articles, consult with textbook and refer to case law. You will carry out the task accordingly if you are familiar with the method of writing and organizing the law essay. Most importantly an A+ essay depicts how you use effectively the written sources of law to support your argument.

The law essay writing is not an easy task without knowing the basic requirements of the essay. In achieving a required grade you must know how to use source materials effectively. Written sources of law not only contain primary sources such as legislation and cases, law journals, the constitution and Acts of Parliament as well as secondary sources, such as textbooks that are written by law professors and legal experts. However, Primary sources of law are obligatory in legal writing; on the other hand secondary sources are functional for explaining and discussing the law. Make a case summary to easily comprehend the prescribe cases. But be sure to make headings; procedural history, the facts, the issue, legal question or problem offered by the facts, the rule, the reasoning and policy, the outcome and the evaluation. Textbooks contain the synopsis of the law though are not the binding sources. But they do contain the following important elements a table of contents, a table of cases, a table of statutes titles, headings and sub headings, footnotes or end notes. A textbook’s table of cases is a list of cases cited or discussed in the text and tells you where in the textbook they were used. Titles and sub headings indicates the topic of what you are about to read. Whereas, footnotes and end notes appearing at the bottom of a page of text or at the end of the text which cite the authority of the statements made in the text. Law Journals contain views are influential but not binding. It sometimes contain an abstract between the title and the main text which provides a general overview of the content of

the article. Titles, the abstract, the introduction, subheadings ad conclusion makes it easier to read the text in the journal. Footnotes not only help you to research as well as provide you with the authenticity of the text. The main idea of using source material effectively is to find the primary sources, secondary sources, foreign sources, electronic sources of law. You must have the knowledge use electronic resources of law and electronic research techniques to enhance your law essay writing skills. The main skills of searching for materials is to find a Act in the statute books, finding cases, text books and journal articles in law library. Search for journal articles in electronic form and use research techniques to have better understating of the topic as well as the desired structure.

There are many different possibilities to follow when looking for source material for your law essay and many different ways of approaching them, depending upon your requirements.