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Tort Law Assignment Help

Tort law assignment writing service

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Tort Law Assignment Writing

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Tort law is the branch of the law that governs the majority of civil cases. With the exception of contractual conflicts, every claim that occurs in civil court comes under tort law. This branch of law seeks to right a wrong done to a person and give relief from the unjust conduct of others, generally by awarding monetary damages as compensation.

Tort law is divided into three categories:

  • Those involving negligence,
  • Those involving deliberate injury,
  • And those involving accidental but non-negligent actions known as strict liability.

Tort law compels individuals found at fault for causing injury to others to compensate the victims. Loss of past or future income, payment of medical bills, payment for pain and suffering, and additional punitive damages that are designed to penalize the plaintiff in excess of full compensation are all examples of typical injuries.

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