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Tax or revenue Law concerns rules and regulations and sets limitations under which legal authorities can charge and demand a portion of the income from the general public who fall under the liability to pay taxes. Tax Laws only deal with the legal aspects of taxation disregarding the economic and financial aspects.

An individual's income, business tax, corporation tax, property tax under public and business law are liable to pay a portion of income as tax to the government under the notion that tax revenue serves the public interest in providing services such as public infrastructure and others merits such as healthcare.

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Components of Tax Law:

Tax law comprises seven principles that allow tax regulation to be convenient for the general public allowing them to cooperate with the policies set by the legal authorities.

1. Stable: A tax system should require stability meaning that tax rates set by the authorities should fluctuate and should be kept at a fixed rate. This allows the general public to better manage their disposable income in case of high inflation.

2. Sustainability: A sustainable tax is derived from a non-depleting source. Excessive tax expenditure, on the other hand, does not jeopardize the viability of a tax system.

3. Adequate: Governing bodies should ensure that the country's tax revenue generated is adequate to provide public service and cover other state liabilities, hence the state's tax revenue should not be at a deficit.

4. Progressive: For taxes to be progressive acting largely in favor of the public a progressive tax system should be adopted in which higher-income earners are charged proportionately high than low-income earners, allowing the equal net benefit to the society through public services assisting people with generally low incomes.

5. Efficient: Investing the tax revenue and allocating resources that improve economic activity and minimizes economic distortion tends to be an efficient way of allocating tax revenue into an economy.

6. Transparent: For public cooperation and convenience tax charges and tax reliefs should be transparent and open.

7. Responsive: Tax systems can also play an influencing behavior by being responsive to externalities as well as being a tool for the social, economic, and environmental development of the country.

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