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Tax Law Dissertation Help

Taxation or income Law refers to the laws and regulations that govern how legal authorities can charge and demand a percentage of an individual's income from those who are required to pay taxes. Tax legislation focuses solely on the legal issues of taxation, ignoring the economic and financial implications.

Under public and business law, an individual's income, business tax, corporation tax, and property tax are all liable to pay a portion of their earnings as tax to the government, with the idea that tax revenue serves the public interest in providing services like public infrastructure and other benefits like healthcare.

Tax Law Dissertation Help

Legislative Framework:

Tax law consists of 7 principles, based upon which tax laws are established based on transparency, public welfare, and equal distribution of wealth.

1. Stable: A tax system should require stability, which means that the government's tax rates should change and not be fixed. In the event of excessive inflation, this helps the general population to better manage their discretionary money.

2. Sustainability: A non-depleting source is used to provide a tax. Excessive taxation, on the other hand, does not endanger a tax system's survival, therefore sustainable methods should be introduced for better standards of living.

3. Adequate: Governments should guarantee that the country's tax income is sufficient to fund public services and pay other state obligations which includes public services and that the state's tax revenue is not in deficit, which may cause the state to have inadequate resources to provide public services.

4. Progressive: In order for taxes to be progressive and act largely in the public interest, a progressive tax system should be implemented in which higher-income earners are charged proportionately higher than low-income earners, allowing for an equal net benefit to society through public services that assist people with generally low incomes.

5. Efficient: Investing tax money and allocating resources in a way that improves economic activity and reduces an economic distortion is a common approach of distributing tax revenue into an economy.

6. Transparent: Tax charges and tax reliefs should be transparent and accessible for the sake of public cooperation and convenience.

7. Responsive: Tax systems may influence behavior by responding to externalities while also serving as a tool for the country's social, economic, and environmental growth.

Tax Law Dissertation Writing

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