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Shipping Law Assignment Help

Shipping law assignment writing service

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Shipping Law Assignment Writing

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Shipping law is a complex system of customs, laws, international treaties, and court decisions that govern the rights and obligations of vessel owners and operators on the high seas.

Much of the Commercial Law relating to the transportation of commodities by ship is based on contractual agreements between the shipowner and the party wanting to ship the goods.

The majority of issues originating from wet and dry shipping law are heavily dependent on contract and tort law. Even in foreign countries, British admiralty law is a popular and widely recognized reference. Given the worldwide nature of international trade, it is unavoidable that the vast majority of matters brought before the courts have a strong international flavor.

Accidents, crashes, loss or destruction of freight at sea, piracy, explosions or capture by hostile organizations, salvage efforts, and transgressing into the territorial seas of other nations without consent or previous notice are examples of typical ‘wet' conflicts.

Contractual breaches, violation of ownership rights, manufacturing flaws, insurance and reinsurance issues, portage, vessel commissioning, and decommissioning are all examples of dry shipping disputes.

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