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Public Law Assignment Help

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Public law is the branch of constitutional, administrative, criminal, and international law that deals with a government organization, citizen-state interactions, government officials' responsibility, and sister-state relations. It deals with political issues such as the powers, rights, capacities, and responsibilities of various levels of government. Public law principles imply that government entities behave lawfully, logically, equitably, and in accordance with the human rights of people who are impacted by their activities.

Those who are harmed by a public body's unlawful behavior or decision have a number of options for challenging such behavior or decision. These are some of them;

  • Complaining through the complaints processes of public organizations.
  • Using one's right to appeal to a tribunal (if such rights exist in relation to the particular decision to be challenged, such as in welfare benefits cases).
  • Requesting that a public body reconsider its decision.
  • Using a process known as judicial review.

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