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Property Law has been a core part of the English legal system with its legislation passing down for centuries and being updated. For students to compose a property law essay have to understand basic principles and their relation to common and civil law.

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Property Law Essay Help

Property Law Essay Writing Services:

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Property Law Essay Writing

Free Guide; Property law essay:

Property Law refers to matters regarding the acquisition of property, ownership of property, and protection and sharing of valuable assets or property. To maintain law and order and well-being between entities and individuals rules and regulations are introduced so that there is a contractual agreement during acquisition, official documents so that owners could claim their right to ownership and protection of individuals intellectual property from any accounts of theft or copyright.

However over time property laws have modernized due to modern housing schemes offered to the public which include a lease, rent, and mortgages, outlining the rights of tenants, landlords, and financial institutions.

Principles Of Property Law:

There are four basic principles upon which property laws within the UK are structured to ensure the protection and rights of each individual and entity are met in accordance with the law.

1. English Land Law: Introduced in 1066 this legislation has been the backbone and the foundation to other and updated legislation passed over time. This legislation laid the framework towards contractual agreements that verifies the ownership of the property of the landowner. The Law of Property Act 1925 modernized property law according to the English land laws to ensure the rights of every individual and entity are met.

2. English Trust Law: This deals with the protection of an individual's property from an illegal acquisition. In order to safeguard property, the English legal system introduced trustees who are entities who intend to safeguard property from the illegal acquisition or from any sort of hazard they may bring potential to the property. If hazard occurs compensation is paid for the damages from the trustee claim as per the general agreement.

3. English Personal Property Law: Personal property includes movable assets that can be tangible and intangible this includes assets such as a vehicle or any other machinery, whereas intangible assets include stocks and bonds.

4. United Kingdom Intellectual Property Law: Intellectual property can be considered a discovery or invention made by an individual, due to its uniqueness that property or assets become valuable. Therefore to safeguard individual's intellectual property laws and regulations have been passed on patents and copyright according to the Patents Act 1977.

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