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What is Property Law and How Can We Help?

Property law runs the different types of ownership and contracts in real property and personal property. It gives the legal framework to solve property disputes. This law also talks about laws of attainment, allocation and safeguard the property in the United Kingdom and Wales.

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Different Property Law Acts in the UK

Law of Property Act 1925

This Act was initiated by Lord Chancellor Lord Birkenhead almost a century ago. The purpose of this act was to renovate the English law on real property. Its function is to deal with the transfer of the property through deed and tenancy. This act has twelve parts such as loans, rental charges and power of solicitor, wills and validations, and contracts and leases. Despite different amendments, this act is the basis of English land law.

Land Charges Act 1972

Land Charges Act deals with the matter, for example, filling the charges on the unregistered lands in England and Wales. The purpose of this act is to run the process of charging on the land, its consequences and how to cope with the matter of registering land. The land possibly is acquired by a purchaser without any unguarded interest. This act gives the baseline to the real property laws in the United Kingdom.

Land Registration Act 2002

This act was introduced to change the former land registration act due to the changes in society and its necessities after coming into the modern age. This is the updated act proposed to make it simpler and improve the law of land registration. In addition that, it also provides the facilitation of e-conveyancing (the practice of moving ownership in property).

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The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996

The settled land act 1972 was cancelled to support this act because of several problems that occurred with that act. This problem frequently occurred when the property owners could not agree on the agreement of a sale. Specifically when the partners were legitimately separated. This problem was addressed in this new act and its parts, it clarifies what trust tell and talks about the function of trustee of the land.

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