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Property Law Assignment Help

Property law assignment writing service

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Property Law Assignment Writing

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Property law represents the relationship between the government and an individual. It is basically designed by the government to manage the rights of the general public. Public law is also known as a problem solver between a group of people because it is basically designed to keep the balance between all the individuals. Public law consists the administrative law, tax law, constitutional law, and criminal law.

These laws are basically designed so that everything happening in our society should remain balanced and every individual can get equal rights throughout the society.

Property law is also applied to any rights that arise from land ownership. The land is linked by the terms real estate and real property. In its wider definition, the term "land" includes not just the earth's surface but also anything of a permanent nature above or below it, such as minerals, oil, and gases.

The word premises has come to signify the land itself or the land with all structures connected in current use. Premises are the collective term for residential structures and yards. In most cases, the boundary between real and personal property is clearly visible. The property's character, on the other hand, may be changed.

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