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Medical Law is the legal foundation that enables the governing body to enact rules and regulations that protect the rights and well-being of the general public and health care professionals in the United Kingdom.

Medical law is a dynamic issue since it protects the rights and well-being of the general public and health care professionals while also preventing unlawful actions such as the use of illicit or non-prescribed medications.

Furthermore, Medical Law covers requirements and licensing of medical personnel, malpractice or negligence, which includes unlawful medical practices as well as any type of negligence that results in patient damage, as well as criminal law in court cases doctors can be called upon to testify or analysis the particular situation.

Medical Law Dissertation Help

Legislative Framework:

1. Apothecaries Act 1815: For centuries, this statute has been passed down through the English legal system. Individuals wishing to become doctors must complete a mandatory apprenticeship and get a formal certificate under this statute. This guarantees the general public's safety and helps to avoid any kind of tort or delinquency.

2. National Health Service Act 1977: This legislation authorized the government to use taxation to support public health. As health services are based on clinical need rather than financial capacity, this legislation permits all UK citizens to receive free basic health care, except for dental and optical care.

3. National Health Service Act 2006: Allowing local governments and the national health service to create a formal agreement to pool resources to combat common illnesses. Other laws were also enacted, such as prohibiting smoking in public places and workplaces, in order to minimize the transmission of disease caused by passive smoking from one person to another.

4. National Health Service Redress 2006: Instead of maintaining a no-compensation policy, persons should be compensated for bad healthcare occurrences. This allowed the English legal to enact legislation that provided compensation to victims of bad health events.

5. Health and Social Care Act 2012: This legislation guarantees that health disparities in society are reduced; under the law, all persons are regarded equal, thus it is the state's responsibility to ensure that basic fundamental rights are given equally to each citizen.

Medical Law Dissertation Writing

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Medical Law is derived from law subjects such as human rights, tort, and litigation law. As it does not have a separate legal framework legislations are made with the support of other law subjects, acting as the foundation towards medical laws. To compose a medical law dissertation students have to undergo all the previous and newly revised legislation passed by the English legal system over the passage of time. This can be tough for students considering the limited timeframe under which work has to be submitted.

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Medical Law Dissertation Writing Service:

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