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Litigation is the legal procedure of taking disputes to the courts. The cases are presented before the court for some resolution, if parties failed to solve their disputes by themselves.It is governed by procedural code, known as the Civil Procedural Rules. They apply all claims started before 1999 in England and Wales. The main purpose of rules is to approach the courts to deal with all the civil claims properly.

Litigation Law Dissertation Help

Kind of Cases resolved using Litigation

There are many types of cases solved by using litigation, those are:

Commercial disputes: claims include, breach of agreement and recovering debts

Marital disputes: determining the extent of claims in a divorce action

Claims against the government: the legal review of government planning and policy

Individual injury claims: financial claims arising out of the injury or harm to a person

Employment disputes: claims against discharging wrongly

Litigation Law Dissertation Writing

Alternative Dispute Resolution

General notion about litigation is that it is used at the last when no other way remains. There are other sources available for both parties to resolve their dispute, also called as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Who can Approach to British Court

It is a basic right of human beings to approach the court to resolve the disputes but it does not mean that everyone can bring a claim before the British Court. The common rule is that the defendant must reside under the court`s jurisdiction. It is the matter of special legal advisors to determine whether the court has jurisdiction or not.

The Civil Procedural Rules 1998

The process of litigation is ruled through the Civil Procedural Rules 1998. It has a complete set of rules that inform the different aspects of the civil litigation process. The rules tell about the time limit to take certain action to litigation procedure. This aims to foresee the claims fairly and resolve the disputes. The parties can also be charged for not following the rules and in most extreme cases, will not be able to continue their claims further.

The Path of Claim

Claim for the trial, the High Court takes around 12 to 18 months to deal with the disputes.

Pre-action matters: before proceedings, both parties have to gently act while exchanging comprehensive information and documents regardingresolve the dispute.

Commencement of claim: when the case starts, the parties must know about the process, time and cost of a case. Both must have an idea of what documents they need to take with themselves and what not.

Interim matters: once the case is on charge and the court manages it carefully, parties will be directed to prepare for the trial and the timetable will be enforced to follow according to it.

The trial: when the formal rules of evidence will be applied with the final track and fast track, the judges come up with the resolution of disputes.

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