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Litigation law is the legislative framework that allows legal authorities to settle disputes or disagreements by ensuring a settlement between the two parties. If two parties are under a disagreement they can take their case to civil courts where both parties will present their statements based on which a verdict will be presented by the court.

In order to maintain public law and order the court will tend to present a fair verdict that may avoid any future conflict. Litigation cases include commercial disputes over products or services, matrimonial matters, claims against the state, personal injury, and employment disputes.

Litigation Law Assignment Help

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Litigation law is a procedure for resolving disagreements and bringing litigation to court to enforce a certain right. Unless the parties agree to a settlement before trial, a judge makes the ultimate choices for them. Settlement might take place at any time during the legal procedure. The term "litigation" refers to legal procedures between two opposed parties to enforce or defend a legal claim. Litigation is usually handled by mutual agreement between the parties, but it can sometimes be heard and determined in court by a jury or judge. Litigation is not just another word for a lawsuit, contrary to common assumption. A issue that proceeds to litigation goes through various stages, which involve a variety of activities before, during, and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal claim. Consider if a lawsuit would address the problem when determining if a legal situation comes into the category of litigation. If this is the case, it is time to hire a lawyer that specializes in this type of lawsuit. If there is no chance of a lawsuit being filed because there is no disagreement or because all parties are in agreement, the problem cannot be defined as legal.

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Stages of Litigation Law:

Litigation law is based on three stages that allow courts to determine the statements present by each side and present a fair verdict by offering a settlement to the two parties for their dispute.

1. Pleadings: This is considered the first step into litigation, pleadings are the statements presented by a party that highlights their side of reasoning to the case where they present their claims and counterclaims on behalf of the other party's statement.

2. Discovery: Before or in-between cases parties conduct a formal exchange of information about the witnesses and evidence they will present to the court. This process will allow both parties to better understand the claims of each side and discover or present facts that support their case, this also helps identify various strengths and weaknesses of the respective sides.

3. Trial: Lastly trial is a civil hearing where both parties present their facts and statements to the Judge and Jury. After both sides present their cases the jury decides and provides a verdict upon which the decision is made by the court.

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