Victim Personal Statement

Victim personal statement is a written or oral statement of the victim of a crime or civil violation of describing how the incident them, his life, his work and his families. The Aim affected EIS should be judge and jury in the case of understanding better the human cost of someone to blame and to determine the appropriate punishment. In this assignment, author will discuss the English Law with respect to victim personal statement. The assignment will focus the effects it has on sentencing.


All personal statement about the victim (VPS) should be considered and taken into account by the court, to be taken during the investigation before sentencing VPS. Cartwright (2014) discussed that pprotection must be provided before sentencing, and presented to the court (after conviction) Safe ray. Result crime for victims is a key factor for the court, but the view, the victim of that sentence is not related to the expression; courts do not accept these comments . Data on the personal of the crime on the victim included in VPS or other statement must be in good shape or the relationship did expert; and served with promptly accused lawyer or an opponent that does not exist. In addition to the findings of the nature or circumstances of the crime, the verdict should not make assumptions about the personal of crime testify to the aid of the victims. In all cases, it will be useful; VPS classroom conviction and / or sentence were appointed comments. At the discretion of the court, the contents of the VPS can be summarized and sorted in an appropriate case, even in public places. Easton (2012) mentioned that ccourt should convey what he, as the court deems appropriate sentence in the circumstances of the offense and the offender with the corresponding victim personal. Views of the victim or the victim’s family do not matter, as opposed to the consequences of a violation thereof. Victims should be informed. If, despite the opinions set included in the application recommendations, the court should not pay for them (Hart, 2012).

He is full of justice: the popularity of the different points of view varies in time and space, but for most of us are a simple test, when applied in the criminal justice system – it seems, is not it? Especially in its approach and feasibility and equal accordingly. Garner (2013) stated that in general, the less involved in the process at all levels, suppose we ensure that our justice system is one of the best (Freiberg, 2014). Claims of superiority often our independent judiciary, our experienced attorneys in the center, using the common people on the jury that all call competitiveness lies in the basis of the presumption of innocence and this is consistent with the previous property, but still – the pace of Lord Bingham – as typically amorphous law. However, in recent times, reminds us that this is a request for a good legal system such could not be research. Delay in relation to early death (at age 60) of one of the Guildford Four wrongly gave pause for thought (Parsons, 2010, 182).

Miscarriages Of Justice

Guilford four were part of a number of high profile cases in which supporters were wrongly convicted IRA. Update public memory of the death of Gerry Conlon reminded us that these cases pre-corrupt police, judges, lawyers blinders are well paid – often at the expense of public funds – and served to the public as information on one side, and especially in the last thirty years. Of course, we are sure, will not judge also be sufficient to populist Lord Denning said that one of the long in the approval process of the Birmingham six vessels involved, that if the six victories that beliefs were wrong (Wolhuter, 2008). This is a perspective so horrible that any reasonable person in the country said it is not fair that these measures must continue. There is even less edifying was his closing speech that cases demonstrate that a civilized country, we have to install the legal assistance, we generous cut six Irish whip blow. The same spirit was present in the second half of last century, the judicial system. Other high-profile cases, such as that Stefan Kiszko, Bridgewater Four, Cardiff Three, and Eddie Gilfoyle, to name a few, resulting in more questioning our meetings – at least, politicians, lawyers and judges (Cassell, 2009). The campaign of criminal justice for victims of injustice, finally, the Royal Commission on Criminal Appeals and Review Commission 1991, Criminal Law 1997, other laws such as the Criminal Law Evidence (PACE) 1,984 policemen and 1,996 surveys and Criminal procedure and tried, can damage the way the police to restrict the evidence – maybe not as successful as it hoped. Trial were less likely to admit police report and although surrounded by a condemnation of the law, did well – using the Human Rights Act 1998, the authority to ensure that the government – some say extravagant. But statistics show that CCRC justice remains a distant goal, even if they offer some hope that is selected .

By April 30 of this year, the number of applications received was 17,839, of which 16,333 were completed. This includes those who were not eligible. There were 554 recommendations to the Court of Appeals and 362 have been removed, but confirmed 151. This low satisfactory for those who want to encourage our leadership position in the judiciary number, but there is still criticism of the CCRC, arguing that even with cuts in state funding is not ensured, it is possible (Sprague, 2009). In particular, it was as much as possible, not accused of exercising their powers. For example, victim can and should treat smallest known topical issues to court, even if it has not detected any new evidence when serious doubts about the conviction, luggage.

Cartwright (2014) discussed that duty change other factors that miscarriages of justice in the inability of the police to assess and provide direct evidence of fraud lawyers and judges themselves contribute by providing greater right of recovery for auxiliary first confession, in the administration of the promotion and possible sanction. Some lawyers suggested a campaign against alleged involuntary abortion of justice that needs reform more contradictory method of investigating the implanted system. What was at the trial, including the last 30 years plus, but very different thrust balance between the accused and the prosecutor is constantly growing attention to victims of crime (Ashworth, 2013).

The Growth Of Support For The Victim

Red areas is easy to forget that the origin of the victims was the support of a very small scale, with volunteers in some cities, the main purpose of victims of crime, which aid is covered, i.e., areas where it was difficult to get insurance on the property and, if present, was very expensive. This special volunteer movement found favor with the Conservative government of the time, providing minimal benefit allows workers to professional support to help groups supported volunteers. This proposal was supported by reports of deaths in 1990 and 1996, but this is often a gap between the measures described and the floor of desires and intentions (Hart, 2012). This Charter provides a marker for the future in the form of a statement of individual victims could explain to victims of serious crimes, such as crimes was raised, so that their interests into account and that the expectations of the police accepted by fear of reprisals or other problems explore. Law compensation to crime victims in 1995 attempt to standardize the type of injuries in relation to the type of injury is determined, but that victims of assault or theft less government little (Parsons, 2010, 182).

Labor was elected in 1997, I saw the movement of the victim in an even more important role can be profitable elections and began with the introduction of access to justice in 1999 with the introduction of its no win, no fee. This caught the spirit of an increasingly irritable and complains to the company for which they were guilty of real or imaginary evils. It is with the generous provisions for victims of crime and expanding the range where followed. Mammoth DSP 2003, the Labor government has weakened the following rules: the same, the use of hearsay and the introduction of previous convictions of the accused.

In fact, the prime minister called for the law, as Parliament as law of justice for the victim. Domestic violence, crime and the law passed in 2004 made the victims of this work, including the introduction of an additional amount of additives prepared to fund for victims of all penalties. Shortly before the parliamentary elections, the Minister of Justice of work increases with the announcement that the decisions of £ 8 million books for national service offerings.

Upsetting The Scales Of Justice

Easton (2012) mentioned that work has become the most popular area of law and order with the famous mantra of being tough on crime and the causes of crime, tough – with more emphasis on the former than the latter – so now we do bidding war for the victims appear to slowly tilt the scales of justice and equity the accused. Coalition government has clear and detailed procedures for victims in October 2013 that crime victims should be treated with respect gave sensitive and professional, without discrimination of any kind. Garner (2013) stated that victim must provide adequate support as much as possible to help cope with and recover and get further victimization. Is important that victims of crime, so the information and support to enable them report the crime and seek help when they fail. enumerated therein do more than a dozen rights on this case, assistance and support in court, permanent backup and information and the right to a declaration of personal sacrifice, either in person or through more formal channels (Parsons, 2010, 182). Recent research seems to be relatively positive about the increasing use of personal statements of victims that allow public confusion about its content and the Code of Conduct. Court clearly warns: However, victim can express his views on punishment or fine not intended to express a suspicion that cut Opt get , but examination of the victim is now very high profile in sentencing guidelines approved by the law that the personal of production problems on victims of crime have on account (Forensic Science Law and Justice, 2009).

Problem some people expect their VPS influence the sentence, and is often an expression of frustration, sadness and bitterness that public service broadcasting and receiving in turn, leads more applications from victims will make victim forget that this is a balance in the adversarial system. in April 2014, and the former DPP, Keir Starmer QC, suggested the victim’s right in the heart, and not faith, it would hide the fact that the only way to ensure that victims have been presented and ensure that there will not be any help that their voices are heard, with the enthusiastic support of the shadow Minister of Justice, which has established a working group to see that word and deed victims in legal writing companies. At least he can risk the victim, brought before the merger (Cassell, 2009).

Garner (2013) stated that trial must be addressed. The idea is that if the prosecution and defense of other attacks as difficult as possible to the truth somehow has its attractions, especially adolescents and vulnerable witnesses, there are obvious shortcomings. Without throw in world quite difficult for the criminal justice system working group will consider the extent to which it may be possible that the hostile and inquisitorial system.


Nobody looks at the improvements that continue to deny the importance of helping the victims of the many were made, but the politicians are trying to outdo each other, it seems that the action is leaking at trial. There must be a limit to how victims can be protected, especially in cases where real doubt as to the truth as a victim or be genuine. In the adversarial system is working properly, it should not be aggressive interrogations of defense, no matter how painful or bad. There are those who are the real victims, but thoroughly that can now be tested in vogue.

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