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Land law, often known as real estate law, is a set of rules and regulations created by the state to ensure that property owners have the right to claim ownership of their land and engage in any activity authorized by the laws and regulations of the state.

English land laws have existed since 1066 to ensure that estate disputes are handled and that every individual who owns the property is recognized by the state, allowing their rights to be protected and preserved.

Tenants' rights are also safeguarded by contract law, which requires the landlord and renter to agree on terms and conditions before signing a formal document that acknowledges their agreement.

Land Law Dissertation Help

Legislative Framework:

In order to protect the land rights of individuals and entities, overtime legislation has been passed over time. Here are four key legislation of English land laws.

1. Land of Property Act 1925: This Act modernized English land rules and established a pattern for future land legislation in the United Kingdom. Its principles apply to leasehold, freehold, and other forms of property transfers by deed. This safeguards both landlord's and tenants' contractual rights, as well as property transfers through bloodline or sale to another person or business.

2. Land Registration Act 2002: The Property Act of 1925 was repealed, which resulted in the implementation of new, up-to-date rules and regulations. By establishing shorter leases, voluntary land registration, and revising the statute of adverse occupancy, changed the system of third-party protection.

3. Land Charges Act 1972: As a result of this act, charges were placed on the unregistered property, allowing landowners to register their unprotected land from potential buyers. Land charges also enable the state to provide security to landowners who lack a deed or are physically unable to govern, or secure their property.

4. Trust of land and appointment of Trustees 1996: This allows the court to determine the breadth of the interest and the actions that need to be taken to address it. Real estate owners can appoint trustees to manage their property for succession and invest it for productive business objectives with the owner's approval under contractual agreements, ensuring that there is no misuse or measures performed that is illegal or in breach of the contract.

Land Law Dissertation Writing

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Land law is derived from civil and common law and is based on legislation passed over time as it does not have a particular legal framework. For students to produce a land law dissertation would have to go through all legislation passed over time as well as the origin of the law referring to its subject. This can be tough for students considering the limit frame they have to complete.

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Land Law Dissertation Writing Service:

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