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International law consists of laws and regulations established by international legal bodies as well as cooperation between states to ensure peace, stability, and corporation around the world and within a specific region. International law is divided into two categories: international public law and national law.

The United Kingdom has been a member of several international organizations and treaties in order to ensure that international public and common law prevails and to use these platforms for diplomatic purposes in regions such as Europe and other areas where the country's diplomatic and investment interests lie, the United Nations is an example of such an institution.

International Law Dissertation Help

Principles of International Law:

International law is based on two basic aspects which lay down the foundation upon which international laws are based.

1. Primary source: Treaties, customs, and the rule of law are examples of basic fundamental rules that countries obey and are convinced to follow. Treaties relate to agreements established by governments to ensure peace and collaboration, such as the Geneva Conventions during the conflict. The Geneva Conventions contain a significant number of states that have agreed to provisions such as protecting POWs from damage as long as the state respects their human rights.

Aspects of customary responsibilities include avoiding forcing refugees and asylum seekers to return to countries where they face persecution, as well as granting immunity to visiting heads of state. Furthermore, the rule of law guarantees that states adhere to the law and change.

2. Secondary source: This concept encompasses legislation and acts, with a focus on the international code of behavior established by international organizations over time. The United Nations Charter is a set of core principles that guarantee human rights, peace, and collaboration among states, as well as the protection of future and present generations from acts of violence.

International Law Dissertation Writing

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International law Dissertation Writing Service:

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International Law Dissertation Help


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