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International criminal law is a system of public international law that is designed to criminalize specific types of conduct that are widely shown in major crimes and to hold perpetrators of such conduct criminally responsible for their actions. Under international law, the most serious crimes are genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression. The relationships, rights, and duties of nations are governed by "classical" international law. Criminal law, in general, deals with prohibitions directed at people and the penalties imposed by particular nations for violating those prohibitions. International criminal law combines elements of both, in that, while its roots are international law, its outcomes are penal sanctions.

International Criminal Law Assignment Help


International criminal law is best understood as an attempt by the international community to address the most devastating crimes. It has not been an appropriate tool for making the subtle and nuanced distinctions typical of national law, because these divert attention away from the large-scale crimes that "shock the conscience" with which it is concerned.

The Benefits of Criminal Law:

Criminal law has certain societal benefits. Some of them are as follows;

People's rights are protected by criminal law.

It keeps the peace in society by settling disagreements among people.

Criminal law is designed to protect individuals and their property. Anyone who attempts to do so is harshly punished by the law.

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Criminal law contains the legal regulations that are enacted to ensure the public's safety and to minimize crime in society. The criminal law system is intended to regulate social behavior. Without these rules, people may engage in illegal actions that threaten others. Criminal laws control social conduct and describe any acts that are seen to be dangerous or detrimental to one's moral character. The term "violation of criminal laws" refers to a penalized conduct. Every country has its own set of criminal laws and regulations.

Criminal laws are required for society to function properly. The severity of the penalty is proportionate to the illegal act. Punishment can also be severe, such as a death sentence or life in jail.

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