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Modern immigration laws were enacted in the nineteenth century as travel overseas became more accessible to individuals, and an inflow of immigrants has since arrived in the United Kingdom. From the medieval era, when Latin and Vikings arrived in Britain as a result of the Roman invasion, through Scandinavian immigration, numerous migrants arrived in the British Isles.

The immigration legislation was enacted to prevent a large inflow of foreigners from entering the nation. Under common law and human rights law, the government is obligated to provide for the well-being of all persons residing in the country. During periods of heavy migration, there may be a scarcity of resources and provisions to accommodate the emigrants.

Immigration Law Dissertation Help

Legislative Framework:

Immigration is based on various legislations which determine the state's position towards emigrants, considering the regulations set by international legal entities. Here are four key Immigration Law legislations.

1. British Nationality Act 1981: According to this act, the status of The Right of Abode, which formerly granted citizens of Commonwealth unions unlimited access to and residence in the United Kingdom, was eliminated. Only two types of citizens were allowed to apply for citizenship: British citizens born in the United Kingdom and British overseas citizens born in the United Kingdom or to British citizens.

2. Immigration, Asylum, and Nationality Act 2006: This law was primarily designed to punish employers that willingly and knowingly hire illegal immigrants. As a direct breach of the law, $2500 in fines and two years in jail might be imposed under the legislation.

3. Immigration Act 1971: This Act imposed restrictions on main immigration, which allows people from other countries to come to the UK to improve their economic situation. When primary immigration leads to secondary immigration, when people want to sponsor their family to come to the UK, this is known as secondary immigration. As a result, a specific law was adopted in order to prohibit primary immigration and, as a result, secondary immigration.

4. The Immigration Act 2016: The Act entails tough penalties for illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom. Illegal immigrants are prohibited from obtaining personal residence, employment, or a driver's license under this legislation, which may deprive a British citizen of these opportunities. For providing accommodation to an illegal immigrant, landlords may face up to 5 years in prison and a $5500 fine. Employers may also risk criminal penalties if they hire an illegal immigrant. Furthermore, if illegal immigrants have access to housing, a bank account, or a driver's license, authorities have the legal authority to take all of these items.

Immigration Law Dissertation Writing

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Immigration law is derived from other law subjects such as civil, common, and human rights law legislations, as it does not have a particular legal framework. These laws and regulations Act as the state's policy towards emigration and the state's consideration towards refugees and asylum seekers.

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Immigration Law Dissertation Writing Service:

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