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European/EU Law Dissertation Help:

When it comes to European/EU legislation, the European Union is the legislative entity with the most authority. This is a group of European countries that was formed after World War II. After seeing the aftermath of the Great War, which left many nations destitute, the major goal of this group was to guarantee peace and collaboration amongst European countries.

The body's members' collaboration allowed it to create trade and economic links that allowed it to provide economic assistance to underdeveloped nations while also supporting free commerce among members. This enables nations and their residents to take advantage of the union's currency, free travel laws, and immigration policies that allow EU nationals to move freely inside the EU.

European EU Law Dissertation Help

Legislative Framework:

EU law and principles are founded on several treaties that member states have willingly and democratically agreed to. The European Court of Justice, which is the European Union's supreme court, upholds the rule of law and justice. Here are the five key EU laws that have been integrated into English law, both before and after Brexit.

1. Referendum Act 1975: The House of Commons enacted this legislation, allowing for a referendum on whether or not the UK should remain a member of the EU. The choice of what is in the best interest and welfare of the general public is in the hands of the general public since it is their fundamental right to vote for what they believe is best for the general public.

2. European Communities Act 1986: The European Community Act of 1972 was inserted into the UK constitution, allowing the country to adopt the Single European Act after it joined the state community.

3. European Economic Area Act 1993: Amend the domestic legislation of the United Kingdom. Under the institution's duties to ensure cooperation between member states, this act enabled free movement of people, commodities and services, and money within the single European market.

4. European Communities (Finance) Act 2008: This policy was adopted by the EU and became part of UK legislation, which establishes EU trade policy and requires members to adhere to the EU's policies and structure under the yearly budget.

5. European Union (Future Relationship) Act 2020: Following the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, this legislation was enacted into law by the EU and English legal organizations to secure trade and economic cooperation between UK and EU members in the region.

European EU Law Dissertation Writing

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European/EU law does not have a particular legal framework and consists of legislation passed down over time. Also, the European/EU consists of other law subjects such as trade and human rights law, concerning the trade policies set for EU countries and trade with other related nations as well as policies for EU citizens and refugees coming into the EU.

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