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European Law stands on basic principles such as human rights, freedom, equality, and democracy. Under which, legislations have been passed which have become the framework of the organization. When writing a EU law essay, students have to go through all the legislations passed since the UK's involvement with the EU as being once part of the English legal system.

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European/EU Law Essay Writing Services:

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European EU Law Essay Writing

Free Guide; European/EU law essay:

When considering European/EU law, legislative body and authority are often discussed that lie with the European Union. This is a body of European countries established after the second world war. The main objective of this body was to ensure peace and cooperation between European countries after witnessing the aftermath of the great war leaving many countries at bankruptcy.

The cooperation between its members allowed the body to establish trade and economic ties that allowed economic support to deprived countries as well as encouraging free trade between members. This allowed countries and their citizens to benefit from the union's currency, free travel, immigration policies which allow EU citizens to travel within EU countries without any visa requirements.

Principles of European/EU Law:

EU law and its principles are based on various treaties which are voluntarily and democratically agreed upon by member states. Law and justice is upheld by The European Court of Justice which is the judiciary body for European states. Here are the five major EU legislation incorporated into the English legal system post and after Brexit.

1. EU Communities Act 1986: European Community Act 1972 was incorporated into the UK constitution which allowed adopting the Single European Act as the country becomes a part of state community.

2. EU Communities (Finance) Act 2008: This policy was introduced by the EU and became part of the UK's legislation which sets EU trade policy and members to comply with the policies and framework set by the EU according to the annual budget.

3. Referendum Act 1975: This act was passed by the house of commons which allowed a referendum to be placed determining whether the UK will be a part of the EU or not. The decision of better interest and welfare of the common of people lies in the hand of the general public itself as their basic right to vote for what they deem is better for the public itself.

4. EU Economic Area Act 1993: Amend into UK's domestic laws, this legislation allowed free movement of people, goods and services, and capital within the single European market under the institution's obligations to ensure cooperation between member states.

5. EU Union (Future Relationship) Act 2020: After the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, this legislation was passed into the act to the EU and English legal bodies to ensure cooperation between UK and EU members in trade and economic cooperation within the region.

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