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What is Environmental Law and How Can We Help?

The United Kingdom environmental law deals with the protection of the environment in the United Kingdom. It is one of the major problems of the United Kingdom and EU because of the cross border air and water pollution issue and artificial climate change. The United Kingdom has various environmental laws that cover everything related to the environment. Like dumping waste illegally, wildlife, protection, littering pollution, climate change, sound and planning. To make it more clear, following different environmental laws are defined with particular articles.

Environmental Law Dissertation Help

The Pollution Environmental Laws

Pollution is dangerous not for health butthe environment too. Few laws help in decreasing, reducing and controlling many types of pollution that might confront us.

Control of Pollution Act 1974

The control of pollution act was in 1974. The main purpose was to cope with large many environmental issues like air, noise, water, and atmospheric pollution, also waste on the land.

Environmental Law Dissertation Writing

Wildlife Environmental Laws

The wildlife environmental laws help to protect the wildlife. It contains everything like countryside birds, pesters, hunting and weeds. Following acts protects the wildlife environment.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act was passed in 1981. It is governed by the European Council Directives to protect wild birds.

The Weeds Act was passed in 1959. It aims to stop injurious weed species on private lands in the UK. The Weeds Act mainly targets the species like Broad Leaved Dock and Common Ragwort.

The Badgers Act protects the badgers in the UK and it makes it illegitimate to try to kill, harm or interfere without a legal license. This act was passed in 1992.

The Hunting Act prohibits killing the mammals like foxes, hare and mink by hunting with dogs. The UK Government introduced Hunting Act in 2004. Dogs can only flush out mammals when being shot.

Climate Change Environmental Laws

Climate change laws are the most discussed in the UK in the Environment Law category. Followings are the main climate change acts that protect climate change and main issues.

The Climate Change has the purpose of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The UK Government has set out a target that the emissions levels will be recorded at least 80% by 2050. This act was introduced in 2008.

The Planning and Energy Act was passed in 2008 to plan the administration of England and Wales to enforce local planning applications about the usage of energy.

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Environmental Law Dissertation Writing Services

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