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The English Legal System is comprised of three main jurisdictions domains or modules like Northern Ireland, England and Wales, Scotland. Each carries its own rule of law, court systems, lawyers, and judges. Nevertheless, laws imposed in one jurisdiction, specifically if they are taken from legislation can be imposed on an equal basis, likewise, in other jurisdictions. Whereas courts can decide cases differently depending on the jurisdictions but the final plea of each case from all jurisdictions goes to the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

English Legal System Law Dissertation Help

Sources of Law

Sources of law may be described as primary and secondary:

Primary Source: Legislation Rule of laws of Legislation Assembly or statutes, statutory tools, Orders in Council etc.

Case Law Verdicts of higher courts or courts of records. Which are obligatory and need to be followed and imposed by less senior courts.

Secondary Source: Textbooks, commentaries and opinions by legal writers, and verdicts of courts of other jurisdiction, of all that is treated as persuasive, and that are taken into considerations by courts while taking decision.


Common laws are declared by the judges that are taken from customs and practices. The notion of obligatory practices, for which courts follow and imply the codes declared in previous cases by more senior courts, also known as courts of record. The common law comprises the essential rules like murder, crimes, and prosecutorial ones such as court process rule taken from the jurisdiction of the courts. These laws can be changed by the legislative. For example, the offence of theft was based on the old common law offence of larceny, but now it is overseen by the Theft Acts 1968, 78 etc. and the real penalties for murder were substituted by statutes such as Homicide Act 1957.

English Legal System Law Dissertation Writing

Civil Law

Civil law can be described in confrontation to three alternatives

Civil contrary to common law

Civil in the meaning of secular law

Civil law as a legal system

Types of Civil Law

1. Contract

The contract law has the concern of creation and construction of written or oral contracts among the companies and individuals. The contract must not be in black and white to be a binding agreement.

2. Company Law

The main concern of company law is the formation and regulation of the company and firm. These are distinct legal persons from the individuals who own them and both types of persons are known as members and directors respectively.

3. Media and Communication Law

This type of law deals with the disputes on the regulation of the content published or broadcast by the media organizations or individuals (such as journalists) who creates the content.

4. Family Law

Family law deals with marriages, divorce, children, and marital finances. Some problems called that involve children are called private law cases law due to the only private individuals involvement.

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