English legal system is referred to as the system of law that has developed in England from around 1066 and evolved to be in the condition it is today which includes legislation, common law and other legal norms mandated by the parliament, crown and judiciary.

It is the system enforced by the courts in England and Wales which is concerned with both civil as well as criminal issues. These are established on the approval of Parliament which consists of the Monarch, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Many legal systems in the world have their roots in European, Roman and English systems of law as many of the countries were earlier colonies of the countries in this region.

The common law of England includes criminal or public law which deals with issues concerning crimes and offences against the society as a whole, and civil or private law is concerned with the resolution of disputes between two private parties which may include the ones arising between consumer and supplier or between employee and employer for example.

Gaining an understanding of this system is the essentiality of the study of law as it gives the students awareness of the principles upon which the system is based. The study also equips them with the knowledge of the appropriate statutes to be applied on different issues.

It gives an understanding of how the law and legal system operate, which is highly essential for the students to build a strong foundation of knowledge about the area. The study equips them with an overview of the nature and sources of laws as well as how the system functions.

It also develops their understanding of the courts of England and Wales, the legal institutions mandating the law, formulation and implementation of legislation, judicial processes, the doctrine of judicial precedent, and the impact of the European Union on the system.

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Legislation: It is referred to as the laws created through the legislature by the UK Parliament which includes the House of Lords and House of Commons consisting of 650 MPs (members of parliament) and about 800 peers respectively.

Common-Law: It is referred to as the laws that have been derived through the judicial rulings of the courts and other legal bodies.

Delegated legislation: It is the act of parliament that may give the rights to a minister or some party for making legal decisions or passing laws on its behalf.

European Union Law: These include the laws that are to be implemented and enforced as per the directions of the European Union as the UK is a member of this body.

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