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Employment Law Dissertation Help

Employment law in the United Kingdom establishes the framework within which employees', businesses', and trade unions' rights are protected to guarantee that workers' rights are protected. Also, to guarantee that enterprises and businesses respect the laws and regulations imposed by the government.

Legislation against unjust pay and dismissal, racism and discrimination, working hours, and paternal leaves are all essential components of employment law. These laws guarantee that all workers are treated equally and that each individual's basic rights are protected in the interest of the general public, as well as to avoid any disagreement that may be seen as a breach of the law.

Employment Law Dissertation Help

Principles Of Employment Law:

The concepts that secure workers' rights are founded on specific characteristics on which law is built in order to provide employees with fundamental rights in accordance with ethical and moral standards. Minimum wage, employment relations, maternity and paternity leave, working hours, undertaking, and equality are all covered by this act. Here are five legislation that allows us to determine employment law in the UK.

1. National minimum wage Act 1998: The minimum wage is the salary band in which employees are not allowed to be underpaid. If this is the case, the corporation will be held liable under the law. This helps people to earn wages/salaries that are adjusted for inflation, allowing them to afford basic necessities.

2. The maternity and parental leave Regulation 1999: According to this act, an individual is entitled to 18 weeks of maternity leave, which is paid according to the law, and 29 weeks of unpaid additional leave, which does not enable workers to be fired on the basis of additional leave, which would be a breach of the law.

3. Part-time workers regulation 2000: This Act guarantees that part-time employees are not treated unfairly in comparison to full-time employees. Selection preference for redundancies, overtime payment premiums, sick leave, and holiday pay are examples of unfair treatment.

4. Transfer of undertaking Regulations 2006: If a firm is being transferred to another corporate entity, the law protects employees' jobs by ensuring that they are not made redundant, that they are advised about the situation, that adequate alternatives are offered for their well-being, and that their rights are respected.

5. The Equality Act 2010: This legislation guarantees that every worker is treated equally and is protected against claims of racism, ethnic discrimination, and sexism. In the eyes of the law, everyone is equal and deserves equal rights, regardless of gender, color, or ethnicity.

Employment Law Dissertation Writing

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