Employment or labour laws deal with ensuring the rights of the employees of an organization by providing a legal framework mandating the rules and regulations governing the area of employment. It covers different issues like court rulings, statutes, models, disputes etc. which are aimed to develop a healthy relationship between employers and employees.

It also aims to derive an adequate resolution and just settlement between them. It is a system of laws, judiciary and structures governing the legal rights of employees as well as employers and the restrictions that are placed on them, which aims to resolve the issues between them. Many differences in these laws exist across different regions, countries and states.

Labour law could be categorized under two broad categories, collective and individual. The collective labour law is concerned with the relationship that exists between regulating bodies, employers and the employees, whereas the individual labour law is concerned with the interactions that take place between the employers and employees.

The requirement of ensuring the existence of such laws in a society is to safeguard the rights of the employees and protect them from every type of discrimination, which aims to deliver them justice concerning employment.

It also ensures the measures for health and safety are taken for employees working in a potentially endangering condition or workplace. It also makes sure that these employees get adequate remuneration by enforcing the laws such as the ones governing minimum wage as well as ensuring their work-life balance by regulating the hours they are required to work.

An organization is the workers it employs, therefore it is highly important to ensure their rights are safeguarded and they are provided with conditions that stimulate the growth and progress of both. Employment law provides a set of rules, regulations and procedures mandating the principles governing the rights and obligations that employees and business organizations alike are required to follow, and provide clear guidance for the settlement of issues that arise between them.

It aims to create and maintain a cooperative relationship between the employers and employees which establishes rights protecting both of the parties from entering into a conflict. There is a vast number of laws that are required to be followed by the businesses which require the assistance of professionals with the specialization of these making the pursuit of education in this field highly lucrative for the students.

These students are required to complete assignments during their educational program which aims to equip them with the required expertise of labour law. The assignments of this area of law are usually solved with a systematic approach. The system usually used for solving these is IRAC, which stands for issue, rule, analysis and conclusion which is the most adequate technique to solve the assignments of this area of law.

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Number of working hours: It regulates the number of hours the employee can work and the additional payment to be made to them by the employers if they work extra.

Adequate income: It is meant to be the income that is essential for the employees to sustain a good life for themselves as well as their family.

Discrimination: It ensures the discrimination against any employee is totally eliminated from the workplace and declares such acts to be illegal. It holds the employees as well as employers liable against the court of law if such an act takes place.

Child labour: It declares prohibition and regulates the employment of minors at the workplace by providing laws that govern this issue.

Health and safety: These are the laws concerned with ensuring the health and safety of employees by regulating the workplace and work requirements.



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