Criminal law is referred to the legal framework of rules and regulations imposed in a society to keep the public safe and reduce crimes. It is designed to ensure adequate social conduct is achieved through neutralization of the elements threatening or endangering the safety, health and moral welfare of the public. The system enforces different sets of rules prescribing punishments for the people that violate the law.

The rules of keeping the people in society secure from crimes come under this area of law. These are implemented to ensure harmony in a society and give a clear definition of the conducts that can put the individuals in danger along with establishing a system that promulgates punishments against the ones involved in such acts.

It aims to prosecute the individuals who have opposed the law or committed misconduct that can harm the society as a whole. It is formulated in society to make sure that measures are taken to ensure the prevention of crimes in society. Through these measures, the punishment is delivered to offenders depending on the intensity of the violation they have committed. For example, a punishment for murder would be severe than the one given to an individual for mugging.

However, the system is very complex as there could be whole a lot of statutes governing a certain case or situation. The students pursuing this area of law are required to gain knowledge of all these to be able to equip themselves with an understanding through which they would be able to apply the adequate laws on a certain case.

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The existence and functioning of criminal law in society ensures the following:

  • It ensures the individuals guilty of committing crimes are punished and innocents are protected against the violations committed by them. It also makes sure that the violators are prevented from making any further violations in the future.
  • It ensures the progress of the society by providing it safety through ensuring crime prevention and reduction. Its presence and functioning is vital for society to survive and grow.
  • It ensures the imbalances are amended that enable the individuals to take unlawful advantage of the system thus making the system and the society better.
  • It ensures the protection of defendants and sentenced individuals from the harmful actions of law enforcement officers. This also includes the prevention of unreasonable seizures and searches.
  • It gives the defendants the right to hire an attorney to defend themselves. If they are unable to do so then the court could hire one for them.
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The criminal justice system of almost all of the countries is based on five components, which are often referred to as the pillars of this system. These are discussed below:

Law Enforcement: This includes the law officers usually the police that keep the record of all the crimes that are committed in their locality, which then becomes a reason for investigations and later a reason for trials in the courts. These officers are also responsible for collecting evidences, arresting offenders and offering testimonies in the courts.

Prosecution: This includes the prosecutors and lawyers that are the representative of the government that assist the whole court process starting from the time when the accused first appears in the court to the time where he/she is acquitted or sentenced. They are responsible for reviewing the evidence and make the decision of whether the case should be filed or dropped.

Defense attorneys: These are the ones appointed to represent the defendants against the government's case. They could be appointed by the defendant or the government. While the prosecutors are the ones charged with representing the government, defense attorneys are the ones that are representing the defendant.

Courts: Courts majorly includes the judges that ensure the laws are followed and activities of the court are conducted adequately. They decide whether the offender should go through a trial or released by accepting or rejecting the plea if filed. They also decide whether the accused should be acquitted or sentenced.

Corrections: This includes the corrections officers that observe the behavior of the offenders while on community service or in the jail on parole. They are responsible for keeping the facilities secure where the offenders are and assisting in their release from prison. They may also be charged with preparing reports that help the judges make the decision and informing the victims about the changes in the offender's behavior.


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