Creating the ideal length for Law Essays

Writing a law essay

When it comes to law essays, they are more difficult and complicated to write because they are written in a different way than other types of essays. It goes without saying that in order to produce a competent piece of legal writing, the writer must possess both legal knowledge and the capacity to display legal analysis. At the same time, the writer must make certain that his or her writing is clear, coherent, and brief, and that he or she answers the question in plain English.

I suggest between 600 to 800 words (5–6 pages) for the crime essay, and approximately 1000 to 1200 words (8–10 pages) for the lengthier, 25-marker elective essays, according to the organisation.

These figures are not exact figures, but rather a general estimate. However, I believe that writing anything less than the minimum word limit required by the UK education system is a significant risk because it is quite difficult to build a convincing argument with appropriate support and proof in such a short amount of time and space.

What do top students recommend?

Many top legal studies students, in fact, completely disregard the word count range and go above and beyond what is expected of them in their assignments. It is customary for them to write approximately 1000 words for the crime essay and 1800 words for each of their 25-point elective essays, something I would strongly advise them to do as well.

They have added more depth and breadth to their ideas as a result of their work, which has made their essay more coherent and well-written.

The bottom line is that essays for crime typically range between 600 and 800 words, while essays for 25-point essays typically range between 1000 and 1200 words. Many high-achieving HSC Legal Studies students write longer essays than the word limit in order to include additional analysis. However, quality, rather than quantity, is ultimately what matters in the end.

If you are writing choice essays, you should try to write approximately 1,000 words (nearly 8 pages) for every essay, and approximately 600 words for the crime answer. These aren't exact figures, but rather a ballpark amount that should be considered. I would estimate that the word restrictions for both of these responses are 750 words and 350 words, respectively. Responses any shorter than this will be less effective because they won't have as many words as they should.

Make sure you don't spend all of your time working on one portion of the essay while completely ignoring the others. Some students spend all of their effort on one essay and only a small amount of work on the other. The result of getting 20/25 in all sections is preferable to receiving 25/25 in one area and just 10/25 in the other. Also keep in mind that improving an essay from 10/25 to 20/25 is much easier than improving an essay from 20/25 to 25/25.

When it comes to writing a legal essay test, time management is critical. You must make certain that you do not spend an excessive amount of time on any one section.

Criminal law:

The criminal law essay is, in essence, a condensed version of the option essays in a smaller format. It should be in a similar format to the last one (i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion).

In accordance with the Board of Studies' recommendations, this part should be roughly 600 words (4 pages) long.

The level of information between the alternative essays and the crime response is, without a doubt, the most significant point of distinction. In the criminal response, you must be very "to the point" and get to your answer fast, as opposed to the alternative essays, which allow you to go into greater detail and analyse the situation.

However, because the crime response typically has a more limited scope than the alternative essays, you can get away with being more "to the point" in crime.

According to the 2011 Notes from the Legal Marking Center (again, paraphrased), the candidate's full marks were accessible within the four-page length of the document. "The candidates who produced lengthy responses ran the risk of losing their concentration and failing to present a sustained, logical, and unified response, as required by the criteria."

Techniques for writing an advanced essay

In order to obtain the better grades (i.e., 23+ or 25), you must demonstrate to the examiners that your argument is extremely advanced and well supported. There are a variety of strategies that can be used in order to accomplish this objective. Two strategies that can be used will be explained in more detail at the bottom of the page.

In my opinion, the achievement of an essay grade of 24 or above is highly difficult and necessitates a high degree of skill in both the course subject and essay writing.

Because of this, writing practise responses and getting them marked is critical in attaining the level of expertise required to achieve these grades in an essay. Many high-achieving Legal Studies students write longer essays than the word limit in order to include additional analysis. However, quality, rather than quantity, is ultimately what matters in the end.