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Contract law refers to a written agreement between two persons or entities that contains all of the terms and conditions that were mutually agreed upon by the two parties.

Contracts are important in the civil and common law because they serve as evidence that allows courts and other legal authorities to reach a decision based on the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties. Allowing them to determine the tort and conduct for which the individual or business is responsible.

Furthermore, if both parties believe the contract is invalid and lacking in some elements, they can amend their contract with mutual consent.

Contract Law Dissertation Help

Legislative Framework:

Contract Law comprises four principles that outline its legislative framework under which contracts are made enforceable upon individuals and entities.

1. Offer: A proposition made by one person or entity to another with the idea that if one accepts the offer or proposal, they would be mutually and legally bound. An offer becomes a contract only when one of the parties signs or verbally agrees to the other party's offer. An offer can be canceled only if one of the parties files an appeal before agreeing to the offer.

2. Acceptance: This occurs when two persons or entities agree to the terms and conditions of a formal contract formed between them. Parties are bound by their commitments, and if one of them fails to meet their obligations or commits a tort, the other is liable. As a result, they are liable to be fined or compensated under the law and the business agreement. However, if the parties mutually agree that the contract is invalid, they can change their minds through the court that recognizes their legal agreement.

3. Consideration: For a contract to be binding, both parties must consider something of equal worth, which might be a tangible source such as money or an ethereal source such as a promise with something of value hidden behind it.

4. Intention: The objective for which both parties or people agree is referred to as this. The goal of an individual or institution to fulfill the agreement might be moral rather than legal. However, if any individual or business plans to not follow the agreement, the court case may be resolved based on contractual commitments established and a clear decision can be delivered.

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