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Construction Law Dissertation Help

Construction Law is a broader area of legitimate code that covers many areas including the initial requesting process and negotiation agreements with the central government. It is no wonder that construction law is a growing field due to the vigorous activities and property types in different regions. In addition to legal action over contracts, the construction law also covers the workplace injuries such as fatalities, work-related injuries and illnesses.

Construction Law Dissertation Help

Construction Disputes

Construction projects are a type of agreement and fall into three categories: buildings (residential and non-residential), infrastructure (roads, highways, bridges), and industrial. The actors are owners, contractors, subcontractors and sometimes the government but it depends on the type of projects that they are involved in. The dispute areas included are following:

  • When the dispute is over the scope of work and specifications (typically over the interpretation of work planned to be performed)

Scope of work among the contractor and sub-contractor (when they fail to document properly in detail the plans applicable to work)

  • Subcontractor replacement (usually arises in government sector process)
  • Construction defects (allegations of inattention/carelessness and breach of contract)

Mechanic’s Lien

For example, Wealthy owner of farm houses fails to pay the contractors according to the signed contract amount by cheating the worker. What solution the contractor have in this scenario? If the contractor, subcontractor or supplier is not paid following the contract, that particular person may get the mechanic`s lien against the property. The legal right against property that is modified or upgraded to recover money. In the case of the public involving projects, the contractor and subcontractor will have to follow the injury claim process imposed by the government to recover the money.

Construction Law Dissertation Writing

Construction Defect Causes of Action: In-Depth

Construction defects are sometimes the legal actions in construction law. These include the breach of contract, breach of warranty, inattention/carelessness, and strict accountability. The breach of contract involves the completion of work on the home and not living according to the standard contract among the homeowner and contractor agreed on. Breach of warranty is somehow the same but in warranty, the contractor has given the specific time to the owner against the defect. In liability, the contractor is liable for anything that happens or any damage that happens. At last the negligence, for example, if the contractor hires the subcontractor for some work but some damage happens due to some faults, in this case, the contractor is accountable for inattention.

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