Construction law is an area of law that is concerned with the construction of buildings and other structures. The issues in this area are handled under the light of federal, state as well as local laws. Federal ones may include safety regulations and employment, the state ones may include laws related to employment and environment, whereas nuisance and zoning may come under the laws imposed by the city or county.

The presence of so many levels of implications of laws makes this area very complex. The most common of the issues arising in this area usually are workplace injuries and accidents, contractual issues, defects as well as problems with obtaining construction plans or permits.

The area usually deals with matters such as infrastructure, housing, engineering and planning permissions. It could be understood the best by dividing it into two broad categories; non-contentious and contentious. The activities that are performed before construction work begins such as negotiations of contracts and general procurement comes under non-contentious work, while the issues that arise during the work come under the contentious work which may include disputes arising along with the progress of work.

The area consists of mostly the laws derived from contract law, employment law and commercial law. Students usually study issues related to construction as well as tendering, bonds and bonding and contracts. The study aims to equip students with skills that enable them to handle the rules and regulations concerning construction activities as well as safeguards that are to be deployed at the sites.

This area includes all of the branches of law that are applicable to construction work. Builders are required to follow many rules and regulations, the implications of which begin even before the construction work is started. Therefore, individuals with education in this area of law are essential for the industry as a whole to function which becomes a primary reason for the students to pursue it.

These students later become the professionals that provide legal representation and guidance related to construction. These professionals usually serve property owners, tenants, builders, project managers, contractors, suppliers and consultants. With the expertise that they have gained, they become the advisors of these people guiding them with situations such as delays, variations and defects.

They also represent their clients in courts assisting them in filing pleadings, answering questions and responding to the complaints on their behalf. They also review documents such as contracts, inspection reports, blueprints, floor plans to represent their client in the court of law. They also provide legal advice regarding construction issues, project bidding, property line and others. Moreover, they are also faced with complex issues such as deaths and workplace accidents.

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