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Constitutional law is the set of regulations, doctrines, and practices that regulate how political communities operate. The state has been the most significant political community in modern times. Modern constitutional law is the result of nationalism as well as the belief that the state must defend certain fundamental human rights.

As the number of states has increased, so has the number of constitutions and the body of constitutional law, though such law may sometimes come from sources outside the state. Meanwhile, since the mid-twentieth century, supranational entities have been concerned with the protection of individual rights.

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In the widest sense, a constitution is a set of rules that regulate the operations of an organized organization. A constitution is a formal written document that governs a parliament, a religious congregation, a social club, or a labor organization. The constitution does not include all of the organization's regulations; many additional rules (for example, bylaws and customs) exist as well. The rules outlined in the constitution are regarded as basic by definition, in the sense that unless they are updated following an acceptable method, all other regulations must conform to them. Thus, if a proposal violates a clause in the constitution, the presiding officer of an organization may be required to declare it out of order.

Every political society, and therefore every state, has a constitution, at least far as its main institutions follow some core set of norms. According to this definition, the only feasible alternative to a constitution is anarchy. However, the shape that a constitution might take varies greatly. Constitutions can be written or unwritten, codified or uncodified, complicated or simple, and provide for a wide range of governing forms.

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