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The United Kingdom Partnership Law has the main concern that how the partnerships are authorized or governed through United Kingdom State. It depends, whether the partnership is formed under English jurisdiction, Scots jurisdiction, or Northern Irish jurisdiction, it may apply extra acts to create a framework in the United Kingdom. Under the Scot law, the partnership is a separate legal unit, they can also borrow loans from banks using the partnership as a name. On the other hand, English law only allows borrowing loans through individual names. Under the Partnership Act 1890, a Partnership is a form of business that individuals carry out for profits. Partners are accountable for all the actions done after the legal agreement of starting a business mutually.

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Limited Partnership Act 1907

Limited partnership act is the same as the partnership act 1890 is, but there is a difference between both. There exist two types of partners, the general partner and the limited partner. The general partner, under the partnership act 1890, is accountable for the debts and responsibilities of a particular company. On the other hand, the limited partner is entertained with limited liability. It means that they cannot participate in business management and they will not be accountable for any debt and responsibility outside of their invested capital. The limited partnerships need to be registered in the Companies House for treatment as limited partnerships, otherwise, the unregistered partnerships will be treated as a general partnership.

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Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000

Under the limited liability partnership act, the limited liability partnership is legal and has its rights. The person under this act is different from who owns it. Usually, the members enjoy limited liability, which means that they are not accountable for debts and obligations. The law governing partnership, in respect of partnership act 1890 and limited partnership act 1907 does not imply the limited liability partnerships. They are only treated for taxation.

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