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Top Banking Law Essay Help Complete Guide; How it all starts?

  • 1- The banking laws and regulations are set by the Bank of England which is the state banking -authority that monitors all financial transactions within the country.

  • 2- The UK central bank has two branches, the first branch deals with the monetary policy of the country which includes setting up interest rates, controlling inflation rates which tends to determine the level of employment in the economy. This also involves other government institutions such as Her Majesty's Treasury, Financial Conduct Authority, and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

  • 3- The second body of the central bank controls and regulates the private banks and non-shareholder banks that provide credit for consumers and businesses to lend monetary assistance to allow buying and selling within the economy as well as to encourage investments into setting up businesses and enterprises which are the essential components for an economy.

  • 4- When it comes to banking laws there is no particular legislator, however, the government to ensure transparency and to avoid exploitation has set multiple regulations following international as well as European law. Here are few regulations you need to know.

Banking Law Essay Help

Banking Law Essay Help Guide - 4 Major Regulations In Banking Law;

Regulation (EU) 2016/1011: This regulation avoids manipulation of benchmarks which could affect the prices of financial commodities and contracts such as loans and mortgages.

Regulation (EU) 2015/2365: This regulation ensures transparency on the financial transactions to avoid any unrecorded transactions which is an illegal act of money laundering.

Directive 2014/65/EU: This regulation ensures the safety and security of investors in cases of speculation which usually takes place in the commodities market.

Regulation (EU) 596/2014: This act avoids any sort of market abuse within the economy such as disclosure of information to exempt from taxes and avoid manipulation of the market through speculation and other means.

Baking Law Essay Help Guide- Components And Principles Of Banking Law:

Banking Law is merely based on jurisdiction, there are three basic principles to understanding banking law.

Banking Law is merely based on jurisdiction, there are three basic principles to understanding banking law.

  • 1. Supervision and licensing: Licensing allows the banking institutions the right to operate within a region. Licensing process shows the ability of the financial institution and its intention to operate under the regulatory requirements set by the state bank. The regulatory body provides licenses to banks based on their compliance with the requirements and responds to any breach made by the bank.

  • 2. Minimal requirements: The regulatory body set regulations according to the state's objectives which ultimately benefits the economy. These requirements are also set to maintain minimum exposure of risk for the bank. Therefore the least requirement for private banks is to maintain a capital requirement to avoid bankruptcy.

  • 3. Transparency of records: Financial institutions are required to show their financial statements by the end of the fiscal year, this allows debtors and creditors to assess the level of risk and make the investment if it's deemed right for them. The state ensures to make the process transparent and if a bank does not do so, this would come under the breach of law and will be held accountable.

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Banking Law Essay Writing Services:

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